Blindruk (dry seal)

blindruk-suvi-zig-opremaBlindruk (dry seal) is a technique used to emboss a color-less detail, or to imprint a logo or company’s name on planners, agendas, attache folders and similar business accessories.

We also offer to design business accessories with foil imprint technique, which is very similar to blindruk when during the preparation a colored foil (black, blue, green, white, red…) is added over the reliefed area.

Our automatic machine produces the highest quality blindruk and foil imprint, because it has controlled pressure and duration of imprinting assigned electronically, which is essential for the final result. This is why we have obtained information about the ideal temperature and imprinting duration from the manufacturers of diaries and agendas.

We are the only company in Serbia which possess pneumatic blindruk with 1000 kg of air pressure, with a thermostat for temperature curve programming, and with full automation.

Logo imprinting on a desktop calendar-planner

Blindruk (dry seal) examples