Laser engraving

lasersko-graviranjeLaser engraving allows us to make a lasting imprint of your sign, logo or title on a variety of products.

The products ideal for engraving are pencils, lighters (Zippo and Dupont), key rings, knives and swords, wine aerators, Majdanpek Jewelry wedding glasses, clocks, watches, dental pliers, barbecue and wine sets… and other metal surfaces.

It is also possible to automatically add numbers the luxurious products in limited series during the logo engraving.

We use the HANS laser engraver which performs incredibly precise engraving of varnished and anodized surfaces using 1064nm electromagnetic waves flicker, and works especially well when engraving on metal surfaces, especially on steel. In addition, it allows a very precise control of gravure depth.

Engraving of metal products is done on the highest quality with YAG laser technology that provides sharper and better print than any CO2 laser. As the radiation source YAG laser uses matrix yttrium-aluminum-garnet doped with atoms of neodymium (active center of the laser are threefold ionized atoms of neodymium) or beryllium crystals from which our solid body laser is made. Superior results in engraving are achieved thanks to infrared radiation of 1064nm of wavelength.

YAG laser in action

Examples of laser engraved products